Kentwood Farms

"It's the Taste"

About Kentwood Farms

Vicki Wood is the woman behind Kentwood Farms. She pays close attention to every detail because she knows it makes a difference. Vicki’s true passion is supplying Northwest Iowa with the best tasting tomatoes there are. She firmly believes “It’s the Taste” that makes her tomatoes so great!

Kentwood Farms Tomatoes are grown hydroponically in a greenhouse outside of Webb, IA. You may be wondering what "hydroponic" means? To put it simply, it means working with water. We put the nutrients and fertilizer into the water, and then the water into the plants.  In the green house she has over 800 tomatoes plants! The tomato plants take 110 days to grow from seed to harvest. Beginning in January, the seeds are placed in a 1-inch cube and after a few weeks, placed into rockwool. After a couple of weeks, the rockwool cubes are placed into perlite-volcanic rock heated to 1000 degrees which allows it to absorb the maximum amount of water and oxygen. Every aspect from the amount of nutrients, to the time of water, to the green house temperature is carefully monitored for optimal tomato plant health. To care for the tomatoes, three “cultural” chores must be performed weekly. The plants must be suckered, cluster pruned to provide uniform size, and either clipped or banded. This helps to maximize the amount of tomatoes produced by getting oxygen to all parts of the plant and preventing them from getting tangled together. Each plant grows three new leaves a week so three are taken off from the bottom part of the plant to maintain 5 feet of foliage for photosynthesis.

Another thing that makes Kentwood Farms tomatoes special is the fact that they do not use any pesticides or herbicides on their plants. ​