Kentwood Farms

"It's the Taste"

All hydroponic/greenhouse tomatoes are not the same. Kentwood Farms Hydroponic Tomatoes are different. Here is why:

1. We use absolutely NO pesticides or herbicides. We do not just use less, we don't use any at all. 

2. Our tomatoes are truly "vine-ripened" which means the tomato has turned color while still on the vine indicating that eh sugar is in the fruit. If picked before that time, the tomato will never taste sweet or have any taste at all. 

3. Our tomatoes have less acid than a field or garden grown tomato because one grown in the ground has minerals and salts that cause the tomato to have more acid. People who usually cannot tolerate a field grown tomato can eat one of ours. 

4. Kentwood Farms Tomatoes are grown in Northwest Iowa and are picked three times a week. These are the freshest tomatoes you can buy! They are picked and boxed by gloved hand and ripened at 65 degrees (they should never be refrigerated). They are delivered to the store at the peak of perfection. You can tell how fresh they are by the suppleness of the green calyx on top. That is why we leave it on, so you can tell how fresh it is.

5. The water used in our nutrient comes from an artesian spring and is analyzed by Ohio State University. That analysis is what our custom blended nutrient formula is based on.

6. We take very special care with our tomatoes from seed to harvest. They smell like "real" tomatoes and taste like "real" tomatoes, because they are. They are the very best!

Why We're Different